I'm Looking For Bucket Trucks

I'm Looking For Bucket Trucks

If you searched for Hanging Around and came to this site expecting to find bucket trucks or cherry pickers, then you've still come to the right place, kind of...

Height Access

Our original business, Hanging Around Ltd is widely known as Wellington's premier height access company. Hanging Around Traffic Management was born out of this and has become one of the fastest growing traffic management companies in Wellington.

However, if it's height access you're looking for then check out us out over at Hanging Around.

Hanging Around has a fleet of six bucket trucks that can provide height access up to 28 meters and are hired to you with experienced operators, so you can concentrate on the task at hand without wasting time trying to do your work and operate a machine at the same time.

Cherry pickers are versatile and can easily give you access to Wellington's hardest to reach spots, quickly and safely.

Hanging Around provides an easy and fast height access solution to all industries and individuals - whether you want to clean a gutter on your house, replace a window 8 stories up or install a sign on your building - if you have a project that requires height access then get in touch to secure your cherry picker hire today.

In 2015, a small height access company called Hanging Around Ltd came under new ownership. Hanging Around had three bucket trucks that buzzed around Wellington installing signs and lifting tradesmen into the air. So how on earth did this turn into one of Wellington's fastest growing Traffic Management companies?  Read on to find out...
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