(CAR) Corridor Access Requests

Corridor Access Requests (CAR)

If you are planning any kind of work or activity on or near a road, footpath, or roadside area, you need permission from the Council.

In a nutshell, a Corridor Access Request (CAR) is a permit required by Council. We apply for a CAR through an online portal called Submitica.

Once the CAR is approved you will be issued with a Work Access Permit (WAP) which is the legal document for you to be working on the Road Corridor.

What are the steps of applying for a Corridor Access Request?

  • For all applications, have a TMP ready to upload (must be written by a ticketed TMP writer)
  • For any work that requires excavation/trenching have an underground services plan ready
  • Open the CAR through Submitica
  • Load the TMP and any other required documents to the CAR (consents, underground services, road user license)
  • Submit the application to Council
  • Work with Council to approval stage
  • Council adds Conditions and a Work Access Permit to the CAR
  • Council approves the CAR
  • Approved CAR, TMP, and WAP are issued
  • Work can now commence with the approved traffic management in place

How can HATM help?

 Although you can apply for a Corridor Access Request through Submitica yourself, we find it is far easier to just use us. Of course we would say that... but it's true.

Come to us at the start of your project and outline all the details. We will then package the whole thing up and deal with the Council through to approval stage so that you don't have to. The next time you talk to us it will be to plan when you want to start your job!

If you are looking for a Corridor Access Request then fill out our Online TMP Request Form or contact us today.

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