(RUL) Road User Licenses

Road User License (RUL)

A Road User License (commonly known as an RUL) is a permit required by Wellington City Council for temporary structures placed on the public road reserve (this includes the carriageway, footpath, berm, kerb, etc.). Temporary structures refer to scaffolding, gantries, hoarding, skip bins, shipping containers, storage equipment, construction loading zones, and other similar activities on road reserve.

What is the process of obtaining an RUL?

  • Prepare a Road User License application
  • Most of the time an RUL application will require an diagram of the structure. See examples here
  • If a TMP is required (more than likely for most activities) then prepare a TMP
  • Open a Corridor Access Request (CAR)
  • Load the RUL and TMP into the CAR
  • Follow through to approval with Council
  • Once approved, work can commence

How can HATM help?

Road User Licenses are one of those niggly applications that we can easily take off your hands and package up with the rest of your CAR and TMP.

A lot of the information will be covered in our previous discussions, but the Council does require diagrams of how your structure is going to look. Because we don't know how/where your structure will end up, we usually have the client provide these diagrams - it saves time in the long run.

These diagrams are a simple line drawing laid over the top of a recent photo or Google Street View image if your worksite. You can find examples here.

They might seem unnecessary or over the top but the reason does make sense. The Council wants to see if the structure you are putting on the road is going to have any adverse affect.

Take a scaffold or a container for example. Will it be blocking any road signs (give way, stop, school ahead) or traffic lights? Will it be blocking access to street furniture, parking machines, rubbish bins, post boxes? Will it sit over the top of access to man hole covers, or covers for other underground services? The temporary structure has to be designed and placed in a way that doesn't get in the way of anything.


If you are looking for a Road User License (RUL) then fill out our Online TMP Request Form or contact us today.

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